Table Design

I love to cook, but I’m also passionate about creating beautiful tablescapes. Whether for a weekday dinner or a special occasion, I believe that colors, patterns, and visual elements can complement the dishes you’re preparing, start fun conversations, and really bring your meal to life! One of my favorite table designs can be found below, and you can find even more design tips by clicking here. I hope you enjoy!

My Favorite Table


Shopping for the décor to do my tablescapes took a long time because I wanted it to look authentic. I had a lot of fun putting all of the colors together, lots of reds and golds and purples. Looking for all of the décor led me to meet lots of different people, like a Moroccan vendor who finally found the decorative camels that I had been searching for. They complete my tablescape perfectly, and add personality and flare. Of all the exotic tablescapes that I have created, the Moroccan design is the prettiest.