Hello! I´m Ruth Barnes,
The Petite Gourmande.


Ruth Barnes, The Petite Gourmande, grew up in a culinary Moroccan family on a farm filled with fresh and colorful food rich with the flavors and traditions of the world. She learned to cook from the women in her family who regularly prepared meals for her large immediate and extended family, neighbors, and community members. For Barnes, cooking, creating, and designing are a passion, and she has made it her life’s work.


Beginning as a child, Ruth learned the art of Moroccan cooking from her mother and sisters on a daily basis. She absorbed not only the particulars of Moroccan cooking but also the decorating and designing, which is a classic element of the Moroccan table. Throughout her life, she has prepared beautiful tables for both everyday meals and festive holiday events. Ruth is constantly creating new recipes from favorites and putting her own unique spin on a multitude of appetizers, main courses, salads, side dishes, and desserts. Barnes focuses on fresh and healthy ingredients in all of her recipes.


Ruth’s passion for designing and decorating led her to own two flower shops in addition to teaching arts and crafts and taking up painting. Ruth also travels the country and the world tasting different cuisines which continue to expand her culinary horizons.

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